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To our Members,
As you may already know the governor asked that all
gyms close to aid in the request to keep groups of people
from possibly spreading the coronavirus (COVID-19). 
Although we were prepared to keep up with sanitization
of the gym, we feel it's also our responsibility to you and
our employees to reduce the chances of anyone getting
Effective 8pm 3/16/20 we will no longer allow access to
the gym. 
We will freeze everyone's membership so no one will
receive any charges until we are allowed to reopen
We are hopeful that this will only be for a short period of
time and will be ready to open the 1st day we receive
word that it's safe so please keep an eye out for us on fb
Instagram and our website
We are Wishing health to all of you and your families and
hope to see you soon! 
Temple Fitness Management